Frequently Asked Questions

How Do i close my account?+

Kickstox is not for everyone, if you want to close your account you can email us on and we will make sure your account is deleted.

Please note, Kickstox reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to impose a minimum deactivation period on user accounts.

Who can play kickstox?+

Kickstox is a free to play game for everyone and can be played from an age of 13 and above. For the younger fans of the game; adult supervision is required to allow access to the game.

Can I change my Kickstox username?+

Your Kickstox username is unique and can only be created on signup. You cannot change your username after anymore

What if I forgot my password or have a new email address?+

You can easily recover your password on the login page. We will send you a new temporary password so that you can login and change your password.
Please email us at if you want to change your email address of your Kickstox account.

What are stocks?+

At Kickstox you can buy stocks of your favorite players, the ones you think will perform well and the hidden gems which will grow out to huge stars. These are fictional stocks. Meaning they are not actual stocks in the player’s itself. They are indicative stocks used to play the game and compete with your friends to prove who actually knows best about football.

How do i buy and sell stocks?+

After creating an account you can buy and sell stocks on the Kickstox exchange. Here you can choose stocks from more than 3000 players from the 5 biggest competitions in Europe and the Champions League and Europa League.

How do stocks change in value?+

The player’s stocks change in value based on their real performance in their real games. Kickstox’s analyses and processes over 250+ variables from all matches and translates those live their real stock values. The data is delivered by Kickstox’s partner Opta. The second influencing factor is the popularity in a player. By buying or selling stocks in a certain player the value will either increase or decrease. So make sure to also pick your stocks in the right momentum. It will play a role in your strategy.

How many stocks can i buy at once?+

You can buy as many stocks as your budget allows. Go crazy!

What are the transaction costs?+

Transaction costs are the costs you pay over the transaction value. The costs are 1% for each buying and selling transaction and is calculated over the total sum of the transaction.For example: If you want to buy 100 stocks in Ziyech costing €200 each. Your total costs are 100 x €200 = €20.000 1% transaction costs means €20.000 x 0,01 = €200So the total costs of your transaction is €20.000 + €200 = €20.200

What can i do with the salary I collected?+

Salary is generated by your owned players in your portfolio and is based on 1% of the stock’s value per day. It saves up to one day maximum. This means that the maximum salary you can collect is one days worth of salary. The salary euro’s are the same currency as the euro’s you spend on the exchange. Meaning you can use this salary bonus to buy new players or use it as entry fee for the battles.

When can i collect my bonus?+

The salary your players generate for you can be collected whenever its €1 or higher.